Our Boutique Flower Farm / Florist Grew From A Place Of Love

Devan Butler

Owner. Grower. Nature Lover.

My love of growing and gardening came naturally. I have always loved being outdoors in nature.  It started when my now husband helped me create a small garden plot in our backyard. A few vegetable seeds and a couple tulip bulbs later I was hooked. Over a few years I outgrew our small garden plot and overflowed into a bigger space. I now utilize both plots and much of our land to grow flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables. Floral design was also something that came naturally, I always like to make my home inviting and pretty… there is no better way to do that than to decorate with beautiful floral centerpieces, and posies. Love has been poured into every seed that is sown in our gardens. I hope you will take that love and share it with someone close to you.

  • Organic Flower Farmer
  • Florist
  • Plant Propagator
  • Seed Collector

Meet the Crew


Pro flower sniffer, veggie taste tester, and all around good boy.


My constant companion through every farm task imaginable. Good at chasing critters away from the tulip beds.


My fiance and “silent” partner. Dave has been a huge support and cheerleader throughout the creation of Bramble Bee. He does the heavy lifting and helped make my dreams of starting a flower farm a reality.

Our Story

It started the spring Dave and I moved in together. I have always loved flowers and was excited that my burly mans man loved them too! We would visit local nurseries to buy hanging baskets and annual flats to fill our porch and patio with color and pretty smells that attracted humming birds and bees. Then came our modest vegetable garden. We borrowed a rototiller and made a fence out of some chicken wire and t-posts we had lying around. Neither of us had a lot of prior gardening experience… But that summer our little garden took off and I fell in love with growing. The fascination grew when the tulip bulbs I planted popped up out of the snow that following spring. I then started landscaping our property. Outlining our porch and patio with perennial and annual flower beds. The love for growing spilled over into the side yard where we planted several fruit trees, strawberry plants, and blueberry bushes. Our modest vegetable garden was no longer big enough to accommodate all of the seeds I wanted to sow. We eventually grew into a larger vegetable plot and an even larger cut flower plot, now affectionately referred to as Bramble Bee Gardens. Our property is surrounded by wild bramble berry bushes in beautiful northern Michigan. We hope you will take all the love we have poured into our flowers and share it with someone close to you.

Flowers, a Universal Symbolism of Love and Beauty

More than the beauty of sight and smell, flowers are a symbolism of love. Giving and receiving flowers has been a resounding love language in my life.

When I was younger, my father would send a bouquet of flowers to my school on my birthday and Valentines Day. This continued to be a theme throughout my life…dance and choir recitals, high school and college graduation… my father was there waiting to greet me with a bouquet of flowers.

In times of triumph and times of sorrow, flowers have been a consistent theme of comfort and joy. Flowers are at the forefront of every major event throughout life.

Growing fresh cut flowers is more than a hobby or business venture… it’s facilitating well wishes, it’s a celebration of love, showing pride in ones achievement, it’s sending comfort to a grieving friend.

Love has been poured into every seed that is sown in our gardens. I hope you will take that love and share it with someone close to you.

About Us

We are a micro farm growing specialty cut flowers and greenery. We practice Organic Farming Techniques and would love the opportunity to share our passion for beautiful flowers with you!

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